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ZLP2 - industrial laser projector

High-performance laser projector in the ZLP line from Z-Laser. The ZLP2 is available with a 7mW and/or 14mW laser and with red, green and/or yellow laser. The laser projector has an opening angle of 80° or 60°.

The vision of

Menno Reijnders

"I am honored to take over the role as Managing Director of Sensor Partners. I would like to continue working on the succes of Sensor Partners, to further grow as a company. Central here is; the passion for technique and offering added value to our customers.



Sensor Partners BV is the specialist in contactless measurement for already 30 years. Sensor Partners BV mainly supplies contactless sensors and thermographic products, with which our customers can measure, detect, monitor and position better. Our products contribute to the efficiency and reliability of automated (industrial) processes. 



Sensor Partners works exclusively with A-quality suppliers such as: Z-Laser, Microsonic, Telco Sensors, Haake Technik, Micro Detectors, FLIR, Hikvision and Sensor Instruments. Together with our partners we work for the most prominent nationally and internationally oriented companies. We manage our own stock in our distribution center in Drunen, which means that in most cases we deliver the next day.