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About Sensor Partners

Leading supplier in industrial sensors for over 30 years.

Sensor Partners primarily supplies non-contact industrial sensors for measuring, detecting, guarding and positioning. Our products contribute to the efficiency and reliability of automated (industrial) processes.

Sensor Partners works with A-quality suppliers only, such as: Z-Laser, Microsonic, Telco Sensors, Haake Technik and Sensor Instruments. Together with our partners we serve companies all across the world.

Mission, vision & core values

Our mission

Improve the performance and processes of our customers by offering them the right sensor solution and supporting them with appropriate advice.

Our Vision

Sensor Partners strives to be the most appreciated total supplier of industrial sensors. Together with the customer, we solve sensor issues using the latest innovative techniques and insights. By drawing on our own expertise and wide range of high-quality products, we want to offer maximum success for all our customers.

Core values

As a company with 30 years of experience, we stand for quality and continuity, innovative power and the development of a close, personal relationship with both customers and staff. Dedication and the willingness to improve is the precondition for achieving joint success.

Organization structure

Started in 1991 as a family business, now grown into a medium-sized international company with various sister companies. Sensor Group is part of the Swedish company Indutrade since 2019.

Sensor Groep

Sensor Partners operates from two offices, located in Drunen (The Netherlands) and Zellik (Belgium). Sensor Partners is part of the overarching Sensor Group. The Sensor Group was founded in 2014. While Sensor Partners has continued to focus on supplying sensors and accessories for the industrial automation market, the sister companies have different focus areas. Because of the specialization, each BV can respond to customer needs and developments.


Since July 24th in 2019 Sensor Group became part of the Indutrade group. Indutrade is an international industrial group of companies which sells technical (niche) products. The Indutrade companies offer solutions for efficiency, process- and quality improvement. The Indutrade Group is growing steadily through the acquisition of well-run and profitable companies. In the meantime Indutrade consists of over 200 companies. Of which more than twenty are active in the Benelux.

Customers about Sensor Partners