Introduction: From within a ship it is difficult to determine the distance and speed to the quay or jetty accurately. However, a distance laser with a large measuring range can measure the distance and speed. The LAM301 is mounted in a solid zone 1 housing. The measurements are shown on a large display so that they can be used when mooring. This extra information makes mooring easier and reduces the risk of accidents.
Introduction: Our ultrasonic sensors measure the distance to the frozen fruit in the product feeder. The measured quantity determines the feed speed of the vibrating trough towards the weighing system. In this way, the product packaging is weighed in a controlled manner to the correct weight.
Introduction: In an Atex zone it is important to detect objects in a safe way, for example on a conveyor. Customers now often choose to keep running the conveyors continuously in an Atex environment. By applying certified sensors, which carry out a presence detection (in an Atex zone), this is no longer required. This increases the lifespan, decreases the power consumption and reduces the maintenance costs. In this case, a BX04 area sensor is the perfect solution. Due to the high switching frequency, this lightcurtain, with a range of 2 meters, is capable to detect presence and count passing objects. The sensors are usable for: Ex zones 1, 2, 21, and 22. If the distances are bigger, Ex lasers could be applied to solve this. For example the SP LAM 50 Ex d and the SP LAM 300 Ex d. These lasers have robust stainless steel housing and are suited for Atex zones: 1, 2, 21 and 22.
Introduction: The bks- and bks+ series from microsonic are ultrasonic sensors in a fork housing, specially developed for controlling the web side of films, paper, metal sheets or textiles, among other things. The fork sensor continuously monitors the position of the material between the fork, allowing the machine control to ensure that the material is not fed outside of desirable course margins. The microsonic bks has a strong position in the market, partly because of the reliability, high accuracy and flexible integration options of the sensor. In addition, the use of ultrasonic sound, in contrast to an optical measuring system, makes the sensor particularly suitable for measuring transparent materials.
Introduction: With buffer tracks, the aim is to achieve an optimal filling level of the transport route without damaging the product to be transported. The buffer lanes are divided into zones, each zone is monitored by a microsonic ultrasonic sensor. The sensor detects the amount of products in the zone at which the buffer speed is determined.
Introduction: In balers, waste separators and drum feeders, among other things, waste must be detected at the presence or reached level. In this dirty industrial environment, robustness of the sensors is essential. Commonly used transmitter / receiver photocells in these applications are the SM3000 series from Telco Sensors for dirty applications and the SM9000 series for extremely dirty applications.
In the agriculture and the material handling more and more systems are working fully automatic. Because of this, the necessity for using sensors for collision protection grows. Laser distance sensors detect potentially dangerous situations in warehouses with as result that the machines are shut down. The LAM 5.21 laser is a cost-efficient solution to carry out a fast detection of objects or persons. If an object is coming to close, the system is turned off immediately. Moreover the LAM 5.21 has a special Anti-Collision function as well as a tandem function. For collision protection in applications where a bigger range is necessary, the SP LAM 50 series and the LASE 1000-D/T / LASE 1000D-R are a suitable solution. Furthermore the LASE has a microcontroller with which laser functions can be programmed.
Introduction: Automated Guided Vehicle ook AGV genoemd worden steeds vaker gebruikt in magazijn opstellingen. Innovatie gaat constant door. Deze AGV vorkheftruck is in staat om autonoom door een magazijn te rijden en spullen uit diverse stellingen te pakken of terug te plaatsen. Hierbij is de machineveiligheid van de AGV essentieel. Het is belangrijk te voorkomen dat de AGV schade aan de stellingen of letsel aan personen kan aanrichten. Ten eerste worden er Lidar safetyscanners toegepast die op basis van time-of-flight technologie werkt. Deze scanner wordt op de AGV bevestigd en berekent de positie op basis van de tijd die het kost van de weerkaatsing tot een object terug naar de AGV. Naast het gebruik van Lidar safetyscanners wordt er ook gebruik gemaakt van Veiligheidslijsten van Haake om te voldoen aan de CE markering.
Introduction: In public transport it is important that the safety of passengers is guaranteed continuously. An example are the sliding doors in busses and trains. The doors are opened and closed automatically or after pressing a button. It should be prevented a passenger gets stuck when the door is closing. This can be solved using photoelectric sensors or light curtains in the automatic doors of vehicles to detect objects and persons in public transport. The SM3000 and the SM6000 are sender/receiver photoelectric sensors of Telco Sensors which are well suited to perform a single beam detection at doors in public transport. A light curtain of the SG1 series of Telco Sensors can also be applied in the doors of busses and trains.
Introduction: Through a horizontal saw of woodworking machines, various types of wood pass in all kinds of colors, sizes and conditions. Think of beams, tree trunks, shell parts with bark, wet and dry wood, dark or light colored. The application and the method of transport of the product does not allow horizontal detection to take place here, detection from the bottom is also not an option. An ultrasonic sensor offers the solution here. The very good background suppression of our ultrasonic sensors and the complete color insensitivity ensure that all types of wood are detected. The sensor's reproducibility of the switching position is high, so that the saw always cuts the product at the correct position.
Introduction: In the agriculture it is important that all available soil is utilized to the maximum. That is why it is necessary to know if crops are located in the ground. A detection of the crops in the ground is performed to increase the efficiency of the automated crop planter. Because now you can assure that a crop is placed in every hole.
Introduction: Using the inductive sensor XS8D1A1PAM12 from Telemecanique, ferrous labels are detected on seatbelt webbing in a non-contact manner in an automated inspection system.
Introduction: The ultrasonic sensors from microsonic with an analog output are ideal for measuring the diameter of rolls of foil, paper or metal. In this way the roller drive and brake can be controlled. It is also possible to determine whether the roll is empty or almost empty by means of the diameter measurement.
Introduction: Neem een groot pand of een huis dat ter beveiliging omheint is met hekwerk en is voorzien van automatische poorten. Hierbij zijn twee dingen belangrijk. Ten eerste als een voertuig of een persoon voor de poort staat, wil je dat deze automatisch opengaat. Hiervoor moet een voertuigdetectie worden gedaan, waarna de poort geactiveerd kan worden. Ten tweede wil je graag dat wanneer deze poort geopend is, deze pas weer sluit als voertuig of persoon in zijn geheel gepasseerd is. Anders kunnen er ongelukken gebeuren. Hiervoor moet er dus een beveiliging op de poort worden toegepast. Deze punten gelden niet alleen voor applicaties met schuifpoorten, maar ook voor automatische speedgates, draaipoorten en andere horizontaal sluitende toegangssystemen.
Introduction: A helipad on a ship or drilling platform is illuminated with floodlights to make the position of the helideck visible to the pilot. When the helicopter has landed, the lights may dim or go out completely. For this, LAM sensors are used to detect the presence of the helicopter within a set distance range (also called window). Because the laser measures a distance, the sensor, unlike radar sensors, also detects stationary objects and continues to function reliably in severe weather conditions. Also available in explosion proof housing.
Introduction: In de landbouw is het van belang om zo efficiënt mogelijk te werken en schade te voorkomen aan gewassen. Een gewassproeier moet het hele veld sproeien. De hoogte van de spuitboom tot de gewassen moet niet te laag zijn, want dan beschadigen de gewassen. Deze mag ook niet te hoog zijn, want dan daalt de efficiëntie van het sproeimiddel per gewas. Er moet dus een hoogtemeting worden gedaan om de hoogte te meten van de spuitboom op een gewassproeier tot aan de hoogte van de gewassen.
Introduction: In most industries, multiple semi-finished products eventually make one composed endproduct. For example with the construction of airplanes. These composed products are stronger, lighter and cheaper than if the individual products are used. These composed products have to be positioned or cut in the right place. If this is not done well, this will result in delays in the production, in downtime in the factory or worse a wrong product with the end customer. The direct costs can get very expensive. Not even speaking of the reputation damage this can cause. This can be resolved by working with a Laser projector of Z-laser in the production process.
Introduction: By using two distance lasers length measurements can be carried out of steel beams. An average beam has a diameter of 15 cm and a length of 10 to 20 meter. The beams are measured during the transport from the storage to the ovens. The lasers determine the length of the beam by measuring at the headboards. Because the lasers are located in a fixed position the difference that exists is the length of the beam. Such measurements are often carried out in robust environments. In this example one laser is positioned in the open air and the other one nearby the oven. Because of this the lasers are provided with a protective housing with watercooling. The LAM 50 serie is a suitable solution for performing a length measurement of steel beams in robust environments.
Introduction: Bij liften is veiligheid van groot belang. Er moet voorkomen worden dat er schade en letsel ontstaat bij personen, dieren of objecten doordat ze tussen de liftdeuren terecht komen. Hiervoor is constant monitoren van aanwezigheid van groot belang. Pas als persoon, dier of object in zijn geheel in de lift staat mag de deur worden gesloten. Zo voorkom je bijvoorbeeld dat wanneer je met een hond aan de lijn de lift in wil stappen de hond er al vandoor is en dat de lift vervolgens sluit. Dit kan leiden tot ernstige ongelukken. Met behulp van het plaatsen van lichtschermen in de liftdeuren kan deze veiligheid gegarandeerd worden. Om het gebied rondom de lift(en) te detecteren, kan een radar sensor gebruikt worden. Dit zie je vaak bij plekken met meerdere liftdeuren naast elkaar, waar personen van de ene naar de andere liftdeur lopen.
Introduction: When dusty products are stored in a silo, the environment is often an Atex zone 20, 21 or 22. It is important to know a what level the silos are. The silos can be very high. To be able to measure the level in the silos, it has to meet the concerning Atex certifications and the measuring distance should be adequate. A suitable solution for level measurements is the Atex SP LAM distance laser.
Introduction: There are different systems with which the level of for example water or animal feed should be monitored continuously. Take for example a chicken run in which the chickens have to be fed multiple times a day. This is also possible with an automatic feeding system using a capacitive sensor. This sensor gives the minimum level of the feeding system to sign that it needs to be supplemented. Ultrasonic sensors could also be suitable solution to perform a level measurement of a feeding system.
Introduction: The ultrasonic sensors from microsonic are ideal for measuring (water) levels within the water and waste water sector. The sensors are suitable for level measurement in water treatment, in pumping stations and overflow basins. Due to the use of ultrasound, these sensors are not sensitive to color or transparency. With the ultrasonic sensors from microsonic, distances and levels can be measured up to 8 meters and output via an analog output (0-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA).
Introduction: During the production of medicines it is very important that every step in the proces is carried out accurately. By using the SS02 series of light curtains, the level of powder in the stacking area can be detected and measured. However, congestion of the powder can start to arise, because of the weight of the powder and the statistic electricity that is generated during the process. This can cause deviating level measurements. Using specific functions built in the light curtain, the remaining powder is released from the stacking area. In this way, the light curtains can perform the most reliable level measurements.
Introduction: With the extreme strength of the emitter/ receiver photoelectric sensors of Telco Sensors, these are capable to see through for example a plastic conduction of a conveyor. Despite the reduction of the amount of received light, the photoelectric sensor combination is still capable of counting product packaging consistently, which pass through on the conveyor.
Introduction: In the paper- and pulp production is worked in heavily polluted environments and this is a big problem for many photoelectric sensors (and light curtains to detect the course and the tears/fractures reliably. The photoelectric sensors and light curtains from Telco Sensors are not susceptible for this problem, because they can detect through the thick and hard pollution reliably. For the whole paper production process to run flexibly, the light curtains of the SS02 series can ensure that the paper remains in the middle of the course. If tears in the paper should be detected, the SM 6000 is a good solution.
Introduction: In (beveiligde) gebouwen, op trein- en metrostations, maar ook in pretparken en dierentuinen wordt er gebruik gemaakt van toegangspoortjes. Deze poortjes verlenen toegang tot een gebouw of ruimte. Vaak is dat met gebruik van een pasje of een kaartje en soms kun je direct doorlopen. Het is belangrijk dat deze poortjes veilig werken. Dat betekent dat wanneer personen door de poortjes lopen, deze pas weer dicht gaat zodra persoon met eventueel een kinderwagen, fiets of andere objecten volledig gepasseerd zijn. De oplossing hiervoor is gebruik te maken van fotocellen of lichtschermen die in staat zijn de poortjes beveiligen tegen schade bij of letsel van personen.
Introduction: It is important to determine the position of sea containers when these need to be picked up by portal cranes. The cotainers have different colors and can be polluted, rusted and wet. Laser distance sensors measure the distance from portal crane to container. The reliable measurements of the LASE 1000D-T and the LASE 1000D-R are a suitable solution and help position the container relative to the portal cranes. These lasers are suited for challenging weather conditions. Furthermore, the lasers provide the possibility to communicate via different interfaces to make the process simpler.
Introduction: An overhead crane in a production environment can be used to supply materials. Think for example of concrete, water or other building materials. This offers a solution when big distances should be covered in the huge factory halls. These overhead cranes load for example the traverse or AGV's. The challenge is that these overhead cranes should be positioned exactly above the traverser, because otherwise the materials can not be unloaded and the production will be stopped. Applying sender & receiver photoelectric sensors provide the solution here.
Introduction: During the last phase of the production of tires, a tire press is used. It is essential that the tire is positioned in the exact place in the tire press. A point or cross laser is the right solution for this. The laser is projected vertically in the tire press for a reliable positioning. The ZM18 is an allround laser with a Ø20mm laserhead and a M18 housing causing it can be applied in various ways.
Introduction: t is important that a qualitative good endproduct is delivered in the factories. For that, the traverser should be positioned in the right spot at all times. The lanes the traverser rides over are up to 250 meters long. Furthermore they work in a robust environment with a lot of dust. With deviations of more than 1 mm the product is directly disapproved. The solution for this, is the inspection by a laser sensor.
Introduction: In this application, the diffuse proximity light grid from the SGP series from Telco Sensors consistently detects wooden planks, beams, plates and even thin wooden slats. Independent of the position where the wood passes over the transport system. Due to the high diversity of products, it is impossible to work horizontally from above, or with a transmitter/receiver configuration. But, a light grid sensor on the bottomside of the conveyor and between the rollers is the perfect solution. The SGP light grid detects products over the entire active part of the light grid profile with a maximum (adjustable) range of 130 cm. The light curtain is available in different heights.
Introduction: Industrial materials should be cut or sawn accurately. By using a linelaser a line will be projected of the exact saw- or cutting line on the surface of the material. The laser is resistant to vibrations and dust preventing false measurements. The (Z5A-635-lg90) of the ZA series is a compact and wireless laser, meeting the requirements of the industry. Moreover it increases the productivity of production processes. The laser can project a 2 meter line on 100 cm.
Introduction: Escalators are found in a lot of public buildings as well indoor as outdoor. Examples are at airports, shopping centres, railway stations, etc. It is not necessary that these escalators are working constantly. Only if a person is approaching the escalator, it should be turned on. In this way, power will be saved. This can be solved by using a movement detection in the area arround the escalator. For this, radar sensors are used. If a person approaches the escalator, the radar recognizes a movement. Than the ecalator is starting to move.
Introduction: For applications with harvesting machines it is important that the sensor can endure some impact. With harvesters it is important that the harvested crops are detected or that a certain fill level is reached and detected. The sensor must also be able to withstand dirt in this application. The photoelectric sensors from Telco Sensors are robust and highly resistant to dirt and therefore perfect for applications with harvesting machines.
Introduction: Upon the arrival of vehicles at loading docks it is important that loading and unloading runs in an efficient and effective way. A vehicle detection is performed here. In this way can be checked whether the vehicles are positioned correctly, that the overhead doors are opened and that people are alarmed the moment the vehicle is arrived. Furthermore it is also important that the overhead doors are safe. It has to be prevented people and objects inccur injuries or damage during loading and unloading. With the help of light curtains this safety can be guaranteed.
Introduction: Offshore spreaders, cargo cranes and overhead cranes are exposed to all weather elements. Therefore, high demands are made on the sensors used in these machines. For this reason, manufacturers of these industrial systems opt for microsonic ultrasonic sensors, in order to consistently measure distances to containers or loads or to detect an end position without contact.
Introduction: Planks, beams and plates are automatically fed into the stacking machine. When the stacker has reached its maximum height, the Telco Sensors SG10 series light curtain gives a signal and the freight leaves the stacking position. The light curtain is positioned horizontally at the maximum stacking position and detects over a width of 1800 mm whether something is within the detection field. This prevents the stacker from stacking too high and that the stack of products falls over or can no longer be safely transported from the machine.
Introduction: When asphalting the road it is important to carry out temperature measurements both before as well as after after asphalt is laid. The asphalt needs to be compressed while it is still hot enough, otherwise it can lead to a weak road surface. The asphalt will be controlled for temperature before it is laid, so that an estimation of the available time for compacting the asphalt can be made. The i-Tec E series temperature sensor is well suited for monitoring the asphalt temperature. For this application, a sensor with a 15: 1 optic is best suited, so that a small measuring surface will be measured and not for example another metal in the vehicle. This can interrupt an optimal measurement. The best temperature for laying the asphalt is between the 95°C and 190°C. When you want to save the temperature measurements in a database, because you want to monitor the ideal temperature for the asphalt process, the i-Tec mini serie is a right option.
Introduction: During the drying process of car painting the quality of the coatingprocess is very important. This quality depends on the temperature cycle of the drying process. Contactless temperature sensors are suitable solution to gain control over this process. The i-Tec mini series provides a direct measurement of the surface temperature. the result is a reduction of the rework eventually causing a more efficient proces and less quality failure. The sensor can manage temperatures up to 180°C without being cooled actively. Furthermore it provides the optional touchscreen real time display of the measured temperature as well as settings for emissivity-correction and alarmrelais.
Introduction: In the Automotive laminated glass is more and more often used to guarantee the safety of cars. Before the glass is laminated, the temperature of the bent glass should be measured. The temperature measurement is extremely complicated and only possible from a temperature of 75°C or higher. The i-Tec mini or the i-Tec Cube serie are an excellent solution for systematically measuring the temperature of windshields of cars. Furthermore, these temperature sensors include a database where measurements are monitored. Deviations of the ideal temperature (10-40°C) are indicated with an alarm and are stored in a log file. The i-Tec USB5 is one of the most widely applicable pyrometers and can be connected to almost every controller due to the analog ouput (4 to 20mA).
Introduction: Continuously monitoring of the temperature in the entire production process of metals provides using contactless temperature sensors both for optimization as well as for the safety of the process. The temperature measurement of metals takes place in challenging environments with very high temperatures. The i-Tec USB2 of i-Tec USB serie or the FibreMini are suited for measuring in these challenging environments. Think of forming induction hardening and maintenance of metals, where temperatures up to 2000 degrees are measured. The sensors named above monitor the temperature to then save the data to prevent mistakes in the production process. Moreover the downtime will be prevented. Money, time and raw materials are spared.
Introduction: A temperature controlled conveyor is heated with IR, hot air or a microwave and is used for (animal)feeding, textile, pharmacy and powder coating/ painting. The i-Tec mini is well suited for monitoring the temperature of the objects on the conveyor, because they can handle high environmental temperatures. Furthermore the sensor contains a display in which a peak and valley hold provides that empty spaces between objects are ignored by the sensor. If multiple positions have to be monitored, the i-TecMiniBus can act as a good solution. In this system 6 sensors are connected.
Introduction: The production of cardboard is an complicated process at which monitoring of the temperature is of essential importance, otherwise causing the sheets to be not glued well or the sheets could be warped. So in the entire process temperature measurements have to be carried out to ensure the best quality of the cardboards. This involves using temperature sensors of Sensor Partners. For this application you can use the i-Tec MiniBus system.
Introduction: Thermoforming of plastic sheets ensures plastic can be formed to an useful endproduct. It is very important that the plastic sheets are hot enough so the thermoforming process can take place. The i-Tec Mini measures in almost every case when the sheet is hot enough to be formed. The sensor is resistant to a high ambient temperature (max 180°C) and means that the sensor can be placed close to the heated elements for an optimal measurement. For measurements with an even higher ambient temperature a water-cooling option has to be taken into account. For example with the i-Tec Cube S or the i-Tec USB8. Also with a high-temperature head this can be solved with the i-Tec FibreMini. When very thin sheets (<1mm) need to be formed which have a too low emissivity and no reliable measurement can be performed, the i-Tec Cube P is the right solution. All these measurements are used to increase the production speed and to spare energy costs.
Introduction: In een windturbine zit een remschijf die ervoor zorgt dat de turbine wordt afgeremd op het moment dat er onderhoud plaatsvindt en de turbine dus moet stoppen met draaien. Het is dan belangrijk dat de remschijven in een windturbine altijd blijven werken en niet oververhit raken. Anders kan dit leiden tot (ernstige) ongelukken. Door temperatuurmetingen te doen van de remschijf kan dit gemonitord worden.
Introduction: Temperature can play an extremely important role in the production of various foods such as chocolate or toffee. For example, the i-Tec USB8 130 or the i-Tec A 115 allow the temperature to be measured or regulated, making production more efficient and profitable.
Introduction: Dirty, dirtier, dirtiest ... That's what Telco Sensors sensors are made for! The photoelectric sensors feel completely at home on conveyor belts where product detection must take place. Looking for a level measurement above a conveyor belt to regulate the feed speed? Then choose ultrasonic sensors from microsonic with an analog output!
Introduction: In a carwash the detection of the vehicle is very important. The vehicle has to positioned correctly, as well before as during the wash itself. The harsh conditions which are present in a carwash are one of the big challenges for a good and reliable detection. Think of factors that are present before the carwash, such as rain, wind and icing. In the carwash, factors are the high amount of water, soap that is present on the sensors, the heavy blowers that make it difficult to perform in a reliable way, vapor of the hot water and haze that is in the air because of the spray-jets. The loop detectors, radar sensors, photoelectric sensors and light curtain in our product range offer the solution!
Introduction: Het is van belang dat er een efficiënte en snelle doorstroom is van verkeer in grote steden. Denk hierbij aan het niet te lang zoeken naar een parkeerplaats. Overal verspreid in de stad zie je daarom P bordjes met een elektronisch getal dat aangeeft hoeveel parkeerplaatsen er nog vrij zijn. Ook zijn er soms bordjes met de woorden VRIJ of VOL te zien verspreid over de stad. Dit voorkomt overtallige druktes en onnodige vervuiling in de steden (en dorpen) doordat men denkt dat de parkeerplaats vrij is terwijl dat niet het geval is. Dit wordt opgelost door het doen van een voertuigdetectie wanneer iemand zijn voertuig in een vak heeft geparkeerd. Dit wordt vervolgens weer doorgegeven aan het achterliggende systeem. Hierdoor kan de beschikbaarheid van de parkeergarage gecommuniceerd worden.
Introduction: Slagbomen zijn overal om ons heen aanwezig. Neem bijvoorbeeld een pretpark waar een slagboom wordt gebruikt bij het in- en uitrijden van het park. Bij deze slagbomen wordt er vaak gebruik gemaakt van een parkeerkaartje. Ditzelfde geldt ook bij tolwegen waar door middel van een kaartje de slagboom wordt geactiveerd. Een ander voorbeeld is een groot pand dat als controle een slagboom gebruikt. Bij al deze voorbeelden wil je dat de slagboom zo veilig, snel en efficiënt mogelijk open en dicht gaat. Hier moet een voertuigdetectie bij slagbomen worden gedaan en wij bieden daarvoor een aantal oplossingen.