Water and waste Technology

For applications such as (water) level measurement or detection in underground dumpsters, bailers and waste processing installations. Mostly applications with extreme exposure to dirt and water.


Speed and reliability are essential in the packaging industry. With that in mind, Sensor Partners offers a solution in applications in even the most critical of applications like the detection of transparent materials.

Wood industry

Our sensors are used on many machines that fulfil specific purposes in the wood and carpentry industries, because of the high resistance to dirt and impact.

Material handling

Automated material handling systems are important in the improvement of productivity in production facilities. Our sensors play a crucial role in detection, positioning and measurement.

Offshore & Marine

Processes on locations like boring platforms become more automated. Our sensors for distance measurement and the detection of presence are robust, reliable and as a rule suited for application in ATEX zones.

Access technology

For the detection of persons and/or objects in accessing and entrance locations like elevators, doors, gates, fences, revolving doors and high-speed doors. Also applicable in escalators, parking systems and access to dangerous zones with machines.


Our sensors are found in applications with level measurement and detection with extreme exposure to dirt and water like tillage, sorting machines and planting machines.

Hightech mechatronics

Speed, accuracy and a compact build-in dimension are crucial in the high-end system development industry.

Food & Beverages

Hygiene is a vital element in the food industry. Our sensors are capable of being cleaned under high pressure because of the high degree of sealing or chemical resistant coating.