Agricultural engineering

Agricultural engineering is an industry in which the technology develops in a fast pace. Nowadays agricultural machinery are high-tech systems at which productivity, trustworthiness and preservation of the product quality are very important elements. The user controls the whole process, from beginning till end. These insights are given by the sensors in the machinery. These sensors continuously pass on information such as status, quantity, position and distance to the operating system. To achieve the highest efficiency of the machinery, trustworthiness and accuracy of the machinery are of great importance. That is why many agricultural machine builders chose for Sensor Partners.

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Detect potatoes harverster


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  • For applications with a lot of dirt – SM3000 series
  • For quick detection applications – SM6000 series
  • For extreme dirty applications – SM9000 series
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Persoonsdetectie bij liften
Microsonic ultrasoon sensor op aardappelrooier

Height measuring conveyor potato harvester

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  • Photocells – presence detection or level detection
  • Ultrasonic sensors – to measure heights
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Level measurement ATEX zone II 2G silos

A level measurement in a silo can be difficult, because silos can be very high. Therefore a level meausrement sensor needs to have a large measurement range. Moreover there can be vapor or dust inside the silo. Using an ATEX certified level measurement sensor is the solution. The laser measurement sensor measures the level in the silo and displays this on an external display or sends this to the machine control. Because there are different ATEX LAM laser sensors available at Sensor Partners with different measurement ranges, speed and accuracies  you can find the best sensor for the application.

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niveaumeting silos