The agricultural engineering is an industry in which the technology is being developed at a very high pace. Agricultural machinery are high tech systems nowadays in which productivity, reliability and preservation of product quality are key factors. The user has control over the entire process, from the beginning to the end. These insights are acquired through sensors in the machine which continuously reports status, quantity, position and distance to the steering. The reliability and precision of the sensors is of great importance to ensure maximum return of the machines. Which is why many producers of agricultural machinery choose Sensor Partners.


It is important that the sensor is impact resistant for applications with harvesters. With harvesting machines, it is important that the harvest is detected or that it is detected when it reaches a certain level. The sensor must be resistant to dirt in this application. The SM9000, SM3000 or SM6000 series from Telco Sensors are robust and resistant to dirt which is why it is a perfect fit for applications with harvesting machines.

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Agriculture agricultural engineering harvester photoelectric detection Telco.
HSC Store loader laser sensor partners LAM ultrasonic microsonic lcs+ mic- safety edges right-angled HSC

Store loaders

A reliable distance measurement is important for applications with store loaders. This can be realized through the use of ultrasonic sensors of microsonic. The LAM series could also be viable for a reliable measurement. Safety is also important for this application. The HSC safety edges are suitable for this purpose.

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Height measurement conveyor belt potato harvester.

The photoelectric transmitters from Telco Sensors are perfectly resistant against dirty and rough environments which is why they are suitable for level detection or presence detection in this application. Ultrasonic sensors are suitable for height measurement. These are also able to reliably measure with this application.

  • Photoelectric sensors – for detection or level measurement
  • Ultrasonic sensors – for level measurements
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Potato harvester microsonic ultrasonic Telco photoelectric transmitter agricultural engineering agriculture.
ATEX zone 2G silo level measurement LAM laser distance.

Level measurement in silos with ATEX zone II 2

A level measurement in a silo can be difficult because silos can be very high. To be able to measure the level in a silo, the measuring equipment must have a large measuring distance. In addition, vapor or dust can be present within a silo. The use of an ATEX certified laser distance sensor is the solution in such applications. The laser distance sensor measures the level in the silo and this measurement is then displayed on an external display or passed onto a control panel. Because there are different ATEX LAM laser sensors available at Sensor Partners there is a choice of sensors with different measuring ranges, measuring speeds and measuring accuracy. This makes it easier to find the best suited sensor for your application.

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