Diameter control roller


Packaging materials of for example paper, metal and plastic foils are often wrapped in a roll. During the packaging of various products the material of the roll is slowly running out. To ensure that the procces is running as smoothly as possible it should be indicated on time that the roll is almost out of material and thus needs to be replaced.


To create a process as efficiently as possible, a distance laser or ultrasonic sensor can be positioned on the opposite of the roll with packaging material. There is a certain gap between the sensor and the roll. In advance it is set that when this gap is above a specific value, the sensor sends out a signal that the roll is soon running out of material en thus has to be replaced. Result is that now you can react timely when the roll is almost out of material, the productivity will be higher and it prevents unnecessary time waste.

The sensors

The pico+35/WK/U is a M18 ultrasonic sensor suited for performing a diameter control of the rolls in a packaging machine. The sensor is very compact (length of only 41 mm) and makes it easy to build in the sensor in the packinging machine. The sensor has a right-angled sensor head and is also available in a model with a normal head pico+35/U if this is desired. This sensor has furthermore a range of 65 mm up to 600 mm and a 0 - 10 V analog output. Lastly the desired values for the pico+ sensors can be set up with LinkControl.

The LAM 5.13 is a distance laser which is also capable to perform the diameter control on the rolls in a packaging machine. The sensor has a range of 5 meter, a PNP digital output and a 4 - 20 mA analog output. With the Teach-in button the desired values are easiliy installed. The visible laser spot makes it easy to outline the detectable object.   

Choice for ultrasonic or laser? The knowledge article 'Distance measurements; laser or ultrasonic?' might give some more clarity!

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