Food & Beverage

In the food industry, hygiene is of utmost importance. Our sensors can be cleaned, even with high pressure, because of the high class protection and the chemical resistant coating. Moreover, special series are produced from FDA-approved material, in accordance with EHEDG-guidelines and meet the ECOLAB-norm.

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ultrasoon sensor niveaumeting boven trilgoot

Controlling supply speed through height measurement

Microsonics crm+ series are ultrasonic sensors in a M30 housing with chemical resistant coating. This makes the sensors suitable for use in the food industry. The sensors measure the distance to the frozen food in the product feeder. The measured amount determines the supply speed of the vibrating chute towards the weighing system. This way, the product packages are weighed in a controlled manner.

  • Stainless steel housing – in M30 thread housing
  • Chemical resistant – chemical resistant coating for industrial cleaning
  • Accurate measurement – with 0-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA output
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Controlling supply speed for bottles on accumulation conveyors

Goods on an accumulation conveyor should be transported with optimal filling of the transportation track without damaging them. The conveyors are divided in sections. Every section is guarded by an ultrasonic sensor of Microsonic. The sensor detects the amount of products in the section and adjusts the conveyor speed accordingly.

  • Up to three switch points – for dividing into five sections
  • Available in F&B housing – conform ECOLAB and FDA guidelines
  • Reliable – frequently used standard
  • Great measuring range – up to two metres
  • Colour-insensitive – detects transparent bottles too
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ultrasoon sensor niveaumeting boven trilgoot
ultrasoon sensor niveaumeting boven trilgoot

Baansnelheid sturen op bufferbaan flessen

Voor klanten die het signaal van de sensoren liever via de seriële bidirectionele  point-to-point verbinding IO-Link willen verwerken, staan de series microsonic lcs+ en pico+ ter beschikking.

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Measuring food temperatures

Temperate can play an utmost important role in the production of various foods such as chocolate or toffee. Temperatures can be measured or regulated with the i-Tec USB8 130 or the i-Tec A 115 in order to make production more efficient and lucrative.

  • Direct temperature measurement of the product
  • Contactless measurement
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Temperatuurmeting sensor
Pharmaceutical industry

The pms-ultrasonic sensor ensures a gradual supply of glass vials on a turntable in pharmaceutical or medical applications before these are carried to the filling line.

Beverages industry

The pms-ultrasonic sensors reliably detect transparent bottles made from glass or PET and can withstand the periodical cleaning of the filling machine.

Food processing industry

Two ultrasonic sensors from the pms series, two pms-25/F/A1 with a PushPull-output for example, check whether 6-packs of apples really contain six apples.