Laser projection with composite materials

In most industries, multiple semi-finished products eventually make one composed endproduct. These composed products are stronger, lighter and cheaper than if the individual products are used.

Examples of this are:

  • Reinforced concrete
  • Reinforced plastics such as reinforced polymer;
  • Fuselage of an airplane;
  • Wick of a windmill;
  • Floorboards of concrete;
  • Etc..

These composed products have to be positioned or cut in the right place. If this is not done well, this will result in delays in the production, in downtime in the factory or worse a wrong product with the end customer. The direct costs can get very expensive. Not even speaking of the reputation damage this can cause.

This can be resolved by working with a Laser projector of Z-laser in the production process. These lasers project the cutting lines, dimensions, drilling positions, weld seams or the positioning patterns of the composed products. Which leads to faster and easier processing and the end product will be finished earlier and will have a higher quality. These laser projectors increase the productivity considerably. Furthermore, it reduces mistakes and it will ensure a step-by-step guidance for employees during the process.

The LP-HFD2 is a laser projector with a IP65 protection degree, suitable for the extreme industrial environments that is worked in. You can choose for a model with water-cooling option if the application asks for this. The working range is up to 7m and can be expanded to 14m. with a Tele-optic.

The ZLP-1 can act as an excellent cost-efficient solution when you work with smaller projections on a conveyor for example. It is the most compact laser projector and so it is easy to build in and use in the application. The projector has a working range from 1 to 3 m.

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