Level measurement in a pressure environment

Many storage tanks and pressure vessels are used for the storage of chemicals. Think of sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, iron chloride and aluminum chloride. During the storage, the filling or emptying of the tank, a differential pressure could arise. Performing a level measurement in a pressure environment such as in the storage tank could therefore be a challenge with conventional sensors. Surely when it is desirable that the sensors should not be in direct contact with the filling medium.

The hps+340 serie from microsonic are special pressure- and chemical resistant ultrasonic sensorsThese sensors are capable to perform a reliable level measurement in a pressure environment, such as in the pressure vessels and tanks. These ultrasonic sensors can measure levels up to 6 bar overpressure accurately and reliably. The hps+ 340, available in a PVDF or stainless steel (1.4571) housing, is equipped with a process connection and a special O-ring made from FFKM. The FFKM- sealing ring is resistant against more than 1800 different chemicals. Examples are concentrated nitric acid, sodium hydroxide, and ethylenediamine. The transducer of the sensor is provided with a layer of PTFE, making also this part of the sensor resistant to caustic chemicals.

Fluctuations in temperature as well as the muting of the sound in varying pressure are compensated with the hps+ sensor. This way, an accurate and also reliable level measurement can be executed.

The settings of the desired levels are convenient via potentiometers and the three-digit LED-display. Also any filters are configurated in this manner. With the IO-Link software the settings of the sensors could even be shown in a clear display via the PC or laptop. The sensor is equipped with a digital as well as an analog output and has a range up to 5000 mm.

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