Helicopter detection on deck

A helicopter platform on a ship is illuminated by floodlights to make the location of the platform visible for the pilot. The lights can be dimmed or be completely turned off the moment the helicopter has landed. For this, the LAM sensors are used to detect a helicopter in a preset distance. In contrast to radar sensors, the laser sensors provide reliable measurements under heavy weather circumstances. The lasers also detect stationary objects because it measures a distance. Also available in explosion proof housing.

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A helicopter takes off with the help of sensors
An overhead crane moves containers

Spreaders & Lifting equipment

Spreaders, loading cranes and overhead cranes in the offshore industry are subject to a variety of weather elements. There are high demands regarding sensors that are used in these machines because of this. Because of this, manufacturers of these industrial systems choose microsonic ultrasonic sensors, to consistently measure the distance to containers and cargo or to detect an end position without contact.

  • Weather-resistant housings – water & sea salt resistant
  • Measurements up to 8 meter – through 0-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA output
  • Outputs – 1, 2 of 3 x PNP outputs
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Berthing Aid System

It’s difficult to estimate the distance and speed from a ship to its allotted place. But with a long range measurement laser the distance and speed from quay to the ship can be measured. The LAM 301 is mounted in a sturdy zone 1 housing. Measurements are displayed on a large display, so this information can be used with the berthing. This extra information makes the berthing easier. Therefore, the risk of accidents is reduced.

  • Long distances – up to 300 meters without reflector
  • Industrial interface – RS232, RS422, Profibus, SSI
  • High measurement rate – up to 10 kHz
  • Reliable – robust industrial design
  • Explosion proof – available in Ex d housing
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A ship is berthed with the help of laser sensors