In the packaging and graphic industry everything revolves around speed and reliability. Sensor Partners has the solution. Even in challenging applications, where transparent materials need to be detected.

Web edge detection

The bks- and the bks+ series of microsonic are ultrasonic sensors in a fork-like housing, especially made to steer the track side of foils, paper, metal sheets or textile. The fork sensor continually checks the position of the material between the fork. The bks of microsonic has a strong market position, because of its reliability, high accuracy and flexible integration opportunities. It also uses an ultrasonic sound, in contrast to an optic measurement system, which makes the sensor extra applicable for measuring transparent materials.

  • IO-Link interface – the new industrial standard
  • 6, 12 or 40 mm range – the right sensor for every application
  • Accurate measurement – with 0-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA output
  • PushPull contact – usable as break prevention
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web edge measurement detection bks- bks+ microsonic printing paper textile foil ultrasonic
ultrasonic microsonic diameter roll mic+ pico+ nano- foil paper metal

Diameter control for a roll

The diameter of a roll or coil of material can be detected by an ultrasonic sensor of microsonic with analog output and the drive adjusted or brake applied accordingly. This way the braking and acceleration of the roll can be controlled. The sensor can also detect if the roll is empty or almost empty.

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