Nesting with laser projectors on leather

While cutting patterns out of leather with a cutter, this leather can not be nested immediately. This is because the leather is a natural material. Think for example of a scar which an animal has endured during its life, but also a mosquito bite could be enough for a unevenness. For this reason the leather skins should be monitored for defects and bumps.

Nesting is possible with a laser projector from Z-laser. This sensor projects the patterns of the leather skins which should be cutt out. If a defect/onevenness falls on a pattern this piece is moved to a defect-free zone and then the cutter uses its new coordinates. In this way, the maximum yield can be achieved from a piece of leather. Our laser projectors simplify the workflow, fasten the production process and improve the product quality.

The LP-HFD2 series are laser projectors from Z-laser which are suited for projecting patterns in leather. It gives green and/or red high-performance laser projection on the natural leather. A stronger laser of 14mW can be used if this is required in the application. With the IP65 protection degree the projector is able to operate in challenging environments. The laser projector has a standard range up to 7 m. With a tele-optic it is possible to expand the range of up to 14 m. The data communication can be provided via Ethernet, serial or with a PLC.

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