Person detection at optical turnstiles and speedgates


In (secured) buildings, at train and subway stations, but also in theme parks and zoos optical turnstiles and speedgates are used. These turnstiles and gates grant access to a building or room. Often a ticket or a pass is used for this and sometimes you can move on directly. It is important these entrance gates are working in a safe manner. This means that if people walk through the gate, this gate only closes when a person also with for example a pram, bike or an other object is fully passed. The solution for this are using photoelectric sensors or light grids which are capable of securing the turnstiles and speedgates and to prevent damage to objects or injuries to persons.


Photoelectric sensors of Telco Sensors

The SM3000 serie are sender/receiver photoelectric sensors which are suitable for performing a detection at optical turnstiles and speedgates, Often multiple sets are built-in discretely in the gates zo that the detection field is big enough. These sensors are resistant against weather conditions, such as snow, fog, and rain because of the IP67 protection degree. These sensors can so be applied in indoor as well as outdoor applications. If a person, animal or object passes the gate, the light beam is interrupted and a detection is done. The turnstile or gate will close again when the reciever is receiving light from the emitter. These photoelectric sensors have a range of 15 meter.

Light grid from Telco Sensors

A disadvantage of photoelectric sensors is that they perform a single beam detection. The SG1 series of Telco Sensors are light grids which function as a series of photoelectric sensors within one housing. The light grids can be built-in discretely in the turnstiles and gates, so fully out of sight. With profile heights of 0,5 up to 2 meter the light grid is able to perform a perfect detection where everything that passes the turnstiles and gates is detected. Thanks to advanced signal-tracking (AST) there are no adaptations or configurations necessary when installing the grids on the spot.

If the turnstiles or speedgates are located in a outdoor environment where harsh conditions, such as rain, wind and icing could be taking place, the SG10 series of Telco Sensor is applied. These light grids are resistant against these conditions because of the IP67 protection degree.

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