Projectie van zaag- en snijlijnen

Positioning applications in the wood industry

The use of laser technology for positioning applications is present particularly in the wood industry. Whether it's presice line lasers for displaying cut and sawlines, machining lines, or for outlining parts, or using laser projectors to visualize individual process steps. The result is faster and easier process steps, more precision and less waste.

Positioning lasers
In semi-automated processes in the wood industry there are an infinite number of applications where using positioning lasers helps improve and quicken the processes. With the help of a positioning laser (usually a line laser) an accurate projectie of cut- and sawlines are carried out on the material. The projection acts as a visual tool for the operator of the machine to determine the exact saw- or cutting position. The projection laser is can resist vibrations and dust, so false positioning can be prevented. The positioning lasers are available in lots of models, such as lines, crosses or circles with various capacities, projection characteristics, colors and opening angles.

Laser projectors
When the position and shape of the desired laser projection of each product or part to be manufactured can change, the application of a laser projector is the solution. Within the wood industry you can think of saw and milling lines with various (geometrical) shapes, or the position and diameter of holes to be drilled. The use of a laser projector contributes to the work efficiency, product quality and the reduction of waste. The shapes to be projected can moreover be supplied via for example CAD-drawings and called upon via the operating system of the machine to start the projection of the shape.

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