Water, Waste & Environmental Engineering

Our sensors feel most comfortable in applications exposed to dirt, water and all weather conditions. Therefore these sensors are extremely suitable for water-, waste/garbage and environment applications like balers, conveyor belts and level measurement in water basins or drains.

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Garbage or garbage levels needs to be detected in balers, waste separators and drum feeders. A robust sensor is essential in these dirty industrial enviroments. For dirty enviroments we recommend the photoelectric sensors out of the SM3000 series. Is your application extremely dirty we recommend photoelectric sensors out of the SM9000 series.

  • Robust housing - Shock- and vibrationproof
  • High gain - penetrate through any contamination
  • High sealing class - IP69K
  • Immunity to light - > 100.000 lux
  • Wide reach - >70 meters

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Level measurement

Ultrasonic sensors by microsonic are perfect to measure levels in water- and waterdisposal facilities. For example in water treatment facilities, pumping stations and overflow basins. Ultrasonic sensors are insensitive to color and transparancy. With microsonic sensors it is possible to measure levels or distances up to 8 meters. Measurements are available through a analog output (0-10 Vdc or 4-20mA).

  • Ideal for liquids - insensitive to color & transparancy
  • Filter settings - for stable measurements
  • Industrial - suitable for outdoor applications
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Conveyor belts

Dirty, dirtier, dirtiest...Sensors by Telco Sensors won't fail in harsh environments. Our photoelectric sensors are perfect for detection of products on large industrial conveyor belts. In case of level measurement to regulate your conveyor belt speed, we recommend ultrasonic sensors by microsonic.

  • Photoelectric sensors - to detect products or levels
  • Ultrasonic sensors - to measure levels
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Slip & slides

To detect persons at beginning and end of slides, we use Telco Sensors SM9000 series. These photoelectric sensors are so powerfull, they are able to detect persons through the thin layer of the polyester slides. The sensors are on the outside of the slide. In this way, a safe non-contact detection is realized.

  • Safe - invisible detection
  • Non contact detection - no wear of components
  • Industrial - Robust design
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