Due to the high resistance to dirt and shocks our sensors are often used in special machinery for the wood and timber industry. The right sensor makes the difference between a robust solution and one with many problems.

Detection in edging saws

Different types of wood with all kinds of colours, sizes and conditions pass through a wood edging saw in timber processing machines. For example: tree trunks, parts with bark, dry and wet wood, light- and dark-colored wood. The application and method of transportation of the product doesn’t allow a horizontal detection as well as a detection from underneath. An ultrasonic sensor provides the solution in such applications. The excellent background suppression of our ultrasonic sensor and the complete color insensitivity make it possible for all types of timber and wood to be detected. The reproducibility of the switch position is high and because of this the edging saw will always saw the product from the correct position.

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microsonic trimming saw ultrasonic horizontal detection
diffuse proximity light curtain wood SGP series Telco planks beams plates slats

Product detection on the transportation system

Thanks to the diffuse proximity light curtains from the SGP series of Telco, wooden planks, beams, plates and even thin wooden slats are detected consistently in transport system applications. The detection is independent of the position of the wood that passes on the transport system. Because of the high diversity in products it is impossible to work from above or horizontally with a transmitter and receiver. A light curtain at the bottom of the transportation track in between the rolls is the perfect solution in this application. The SGP proximity light curtain detects products over the complete profile of the light curtain with a maximum (configurable) range of 130 centimeters. The light curtain is available in different heights.

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Height control in a stacking machine

Planks, beams and plates are inserted completely automatized in a stacking machine. The Telco Sensors light curtain from the SG10 series sends a signal when the stacking machine has reached a maximum and makes the freight leave from the stacking position. The light curtain is positioned horizontally on the maximum stacking position and detects within a width of 1800 mm whether something has entered the detection field. his prevents that the stacking machine stacks too high and the products fall over or that the machine can not safely transport the products out of itself.

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Telco sensors light curtain sg10 stacking machine positioning