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Connected with the future!

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Connected with the future!

In the past it was sufficient for a sensor manufacturer to provide systems with digital outputs and/or with a 0 to +10V and/or 4mA up to 20 mA analogue output. This will change in the near future.

In the future the communication between sensors and PLCs (programmable logic controllers) will be primarily through a fieldbus in serial form and with high data rates. The future of the so-called Industrial Ethernet and along with it the change towards Industrial Ethernet is driven by the demand for higher performances, the availability of many measurement or data parameters and the integration in factory installations and IT/IoT systems, the Industrial Internet of Things in general.

Typical examples of such Ethernet-based fieldbus networks are Profinet, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP and Ethernet Powerlink.

To keep up with demands Sensor Partners had added RS232-to-Profinet and RS232-to-EtherCAT converters to its assortment. In the future sensors with an RS232 interface will be connected to the fieldbus and PLC with this converter. Especially the RS232-to-Profinet converters are equipped with PLC demo programs that remarkably reduce the efforts linked to programming to connect with a PLC. RS232-to-Ethernet/IP and RS232-to-Ethernet Powerlink converters will be added to the store soon.

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