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NEW: The LAM 71.101 Laser Distance Sensor!

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NEW: The LAM 71.101 Laser Distance Sensor!

The LAM 71.101 is a compact, but powerful laser distance sensor.

Recently, the new LAM 71.101 is released. This laser distance sensor is not only compact, but also very fast. The distance laser also provides unique measurement performances. The LAM 71.101 can provide data about objects that are the furthest or nearest. Because of this it is possible to measure the distance between these objects. This can be of good use in the agricultural industry for the measurement of crops. Another area of application can be the measurement of the thickness of transparent materials. The LAM 71.101 is also available in an ATEX version. 

 Shortly, the LAM 71.101 is applicable in many situations and areas. Learn more about the LAM 71.101 here.





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