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Thru beam ultrasonic sensors

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Thru beam ultrasonic sensors

microsonic ews- ultrasonic one-way reflective barrier for contact free detection of objects specially in the most diverse applications e.g. with bottles or plastic foils. ews sensors are available in cubical as well as cylindrical housing and are competitive with most through-beam light barriers.

Ultrasonic through beam sensor


  • cylindrical and cubical housings
  • Emitter and Receiver separately
  • Installation-compatible with many light barriers a true alternative for critical applications
  • Up to 500 Hz switching frequency


one ultrasonic sensor ews, set as emitter, sends cyclic sound impulses, received by another one, set as receiver. If an object interrupts the measuring track between the set transmitter and the receiver, the switched output of the receiver is set.


  1. Øyvind Dahle Ådland Øyvind Dahle Ådland


    I am writing a bachelor degree for Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.
    I need a ultrasonic level sensor for my handheld application.
    The sensor is going to be in contact with a Cornelius keeg for messure the liquid level inside, sp i need a sensor to shoot through the walls.
    I know that 500Khz-5Mhz is a good operating frequency.

    The sensor must be able to use the voltage proivded by a micro controler to generate pulses.

    1) What sensor would you recommend?
    2) price?
    3) Can you ship to Norway

    Regards Øyvind Ådland

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