Optical and acoustic signalling from Werma

Wema is known as one of the most important manufacturers in the world in optical and acoustic signalling. With the optical en acoustic signalling solution people and machines all over the world are warned and secured.

Smart solutions that just work!

For decades, the goal for Werma stands for the design of smart solutions that simply work! It is a global player in the modern signal technology. For over 20 years it provides modular signal towers. At the same time the company now offers fully networked and intelligent system solutions.

The solutions provide a safe and at the same time an efficient process. Processes can be optimized and money and time can be saved. The last couple of decades the customers worldwide have benefited from the expertises of Werma.

The wide range of sensor solutions from Werma

Werma offers a wide range of optical and acoustic solutions within the signal technology, such as sirenes, signal lights, signal towers and a combination of optical and acoustic signalling.

Werma can be applied in many different applications in several industries because of the reliability and versatility of the sensors. Examples are for example:

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