Frequently Asked Questions


Does the website make use of a secure connection?

Yes, our website is provided with a secured SSL connection, in which the security of your data is guaranteed. Your connection also remains secured when you are redirected to the page of one of our payment providers.

What is the privacy policy of Sensor Partners?

Where can I ask questions about the webshop, products etc.?

Is your question still unanswered after a visit to our website? Please contact someone from our team through e-mail or calling. Our contact information can be found on the contact page.


What are the advantages of having an account?

Where can I see my account information?

On the top right there is an account icon. When you click this icon it brings you to the account overview. Here you can select account information in the left menu.

How can I change my billing and delivery addresses?

This can be found in your account overview. Click on addresses in the left menu to add addresses.

How can I add an extra billing or delivery address?

How can I remove my account?

I forgot my password. What now?

Click on lost my password when trying to log in. After this, you fill in your user name or e-mail address. You will receive an e-mail with a link to create a new password.

How can I change my password?

Go to your account overview. Click on account information on the bottom of the page to change your password.

Product range

Which brands does Sensor Partners have in their product range?

Where can I find the right accessories for my product?

Sensor Partners provides a wide range of accessories that can be used in conjunction with the other products. Accessories can be found as a related product on the page of the respective product, or in the product group Accessories. Haven’t found the right product? Ask one of our experts to receive useful recommendations for your application.

I can not find a product. What now?

No worries! Not all products can be found on our website. Contact us for a suitable offer!

Can I compare products?

You can compare products, specifications and prices. You can add a maximum of five products for comparison. Select the products for comparison and click on Compare.

I need a special variety of a product. How can I find this??

Our goal is to provide the most suitable solution for our customers. Only the most common models of our sensors can be found on our website. So don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your desired application and fund the best solution together.

I have (specific) questions about a product, where can I ask these?

Want to know more about a product? You can always contact one of our application specialists through an email or a phone call.

Are the prices VAT included or excluded? VAT?

All our prices are VAT excluded.

Ordering, Shipment and Delivery

What are the delivery terms?

How can I place an order?

Products that can be ordered online are provided with a price. If a product does not have a price, it is not yet available for ordering online. In that case you can always request a quotation. Only corporate customers can place an order in the webshop of Sensor Partners. Make an account or fill in the necessary fields during the checkout. When you make an account it is necessary to register your TAX/VAT number.

How can I pay my order?

The order can be placed through a variety of ways:

  • PayPal
  • iDeal
  • ING Home’Pay
  • Bank contact
  • SOFORT banking

Can I change an order that is already placed?

In the event of wanting to change your order after placing and paying it, you have to immediately contact us to be able to make adjustments to your order.

How much does it cost to ship my order within the Netherlands?

This is a fixed rate of €7,50.

How much does it cost to ship my order outside of the Netherlands?

Depending on the country the following costs are applied:

When does my shipment arrive?

When we have shipped your order, you will automatically receive an email from us with the necessary track-and-trace information.

How can I check whether my shipment is delivered?

You can use the track-and-trace link to request a confirmation of delivery.


What can I do if I want to return my order?

Returning your order (or a part of it) can only be established after predetermined written permission and conform to shipment instructions of Sensor Partners where appropriate. Always contact us before returning an order, because of this. An unauthorized return can not be processed.


How do I subscribe to the newsletter?

This can be done by filling in your email address at the bottom of the page.

How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

At the bottom of the newsletter you can find a link to unsubscribe. Problems with unsubscribing or do you still receive (unwanted) mails? Please contact us so we can solve the issue.