LAM 300 series

The LAM300 laser distance meter measures distance and speed values in a non-contact fashion, also without a reflector. Taking only a short time to measure, it facilitates distance measurement to or from moving objects. The laser pulse’s time-of-flight measurement principle is par-ticularly suitable where long distances have to be measured or for operation in harsh industrial environments. Of compact design shape, simple setup and configured with standard interfacing facilities, the LAM300 can easily be installed and commissioned. For interfacing, RS232, RS422, SSI and Profibus are available. LAM301 delivery includes heating, a status display and a sighting device. A modular setup allows for easy complementation with accessories or special models for particular applications.

• Broad working range and very short time to measure
• Great reach, also without reflectors
• Allows synchronisation with external devices
• Compact design shape, easy to install and operate

• Performance features of the LAM301 warrant multiple possibilities of application in industrial environments
• Process monitoring in steel works and rolling mills
• Fill-level measurement
• Positioning of cranes, loading and handling equipment
• Measurement of points that cannot be accessed, for example, inside of cavities, tubes or containers
• Position monitoring of vehicles or ships