LAM 50 series

Measure distances with millimeter accuracy. Define positions. Measure fill levels. Register motion processes.
The LAM51/52/53 is a familly of opto-electronic distance meters designed for industrial applications. Measurements up to 150 m are performed precisely, fast and in a non-contact fashion using the comparative phase shift method. Equipped with interface options such as Profibus DP,  SSI, RS232or RS422 as well as selectable switching and analog outputs, the sensors can easily be integrated into any industrial infrastructure including fieldbus-driven processcontrollers. The compact and robust design shape combines with low power consumption, and the possibility to set specific de-vice parameters warrants flexibility in use. Optional heating enables indoor and outdoor operation at low temperatures.


•Precise: phase comparison allows distances up to 150 meters to be measured with millimeter accuracy.
•Nonwearing: distances can be reliably determined in a noncontact procedure that requires no reflector.
•Accurate: an easily perceivable measuring beam is provided for pinpoint alignment of the sensor.

•Distance measurement and determination of positions
•Fill level measurement
•Position monitoring of moving objects
•Positioning of hoisting facilities, conveyor systems and crane equipment
Positioning of cranes
Distance measurements on steel plates
Level measurement in silos