Safety bumpers

Bumpers are used for protecting against risks at shearing and crushing edges, for instance at machine guards, lifting tables, packaging machines, palletizing and depalletising systems, automated guided vehicles (AGV‘s), theatre stages and many others. All Safety Bumpers of series HSB® meet the requirements for safety components according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Please note: When using cooling agents, oils, acids etc. or for usage in outdoor applications please contact us for more information.


Except for dimensions and shapes, the Safety Bumpers have a generally identical design. They contain the following components:
  • Haake Safety Contact chain HSC ® (opening N/C contacts)
  • Carrier plate made of Al, MDF or steel for attaching the bumper at the component to be protected
  • Double-insulated connection cables to the machinecontrol system
  • Coated PUR foam body, alternatively PUR foam body with protective hood
Upon actuation of the Safety Bumper (sensor), the current flow is interrupted, based on the special geometry of the chain links inside the sensor. This interruption represents the OFF condition of the output signal switching device and thus transfers the safety output signal to the machine control system. The Safety Bumper meets the requirements for automatic reset, since after removing the operating force, it will return by itself into the ON condition. If it is required to work with a manual reset, this has to be implemented according to DIN EN 1760-3 by the machine control system. Due to the positive break of the supply (current circuit is broken), a separate safety control unit is not required. Safety Bumper and control system together have to achieve the Performance Level that has been determined in the risk assessment.

Technical Data
  • Operating temperature: –20 ... +50 °C
  • Enclosure sealing: IP54 (standard)
  • Nominal voltage: <50 V AC, 75 V DC (with safe seperation from the supply system)
  • A voltage source for SELV or PELV systems according to DIN VDE 0100-410 shall be used
  • Nominal current: max. 0.5 A, AC/DC. The power supply shall be protected externally (Fuse 0.5 A nominal value)!
  • Control category: 3 (to DIN EN ISO 13849-1)
  • Performance Level: Possible up to d
  • Connection cable: Double-insulated, highly flexible single-core cables
  • Sensor: Embedded in polyether foam, PUR skin
  • Fastening rail: Aluminium

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Let op: de uiteindelijke afmetingen van de bumper worden door de fabrikant bepaald op basis van beproefde calculatie methodes, zodat de veiligheid te allen tijde gewaarborgd kan worden.

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