Safety edges

For the protection against risks at shearing and crushing edges

Shearing and crushing edges at automatically driven devices bear a substantial risk of injury for persons. To protect against these risks, Safety Edges are employed. Crushing and shearing edges may occur at automated machine doors, lifting tables, theatre stages, automatically opening and closing doors and many others. Safety Edges, when activated, will immediately switch off the power source. Our Safety Edges use a unique highintegrity principle with mechanically opening N/C contacts connected in series. Pressure on the safety edge will positively break the current circuit. We offer a large range of variants, which are selected depending on the application (indoors/outdoors/dry/wet/aggressive media) and inertia forces and speeds at the crushing position.

Safety Edge with mechanically opening contacts

• no additional control unit required
• wired directly to existing E-stop relay unit
• operated from any direction
• supply of ready-to-use Safety Edges according to customer’s specification
• various versions for indoors/dry, aggressive media or outdoors/wet
• BG approved
Our Contact Chain® is built up of current conducting contact rollers and insulating intermediate elements (wedge rollers) alternately lined up on a so-called expander cord. By pretension, the contact rollers are pressed together, and the current circuit is made. Actuation of the safety edge leads to at least one pair of the contact rollers to separate by action of the wedge-shapedintermediate elements, and the current circuit is broken.
Since a circuit interruption signal is directly available, transformation of the output signal is not required. This signal is fed to the safety relay unit already needed for the E-stop button. The sensor portion in the safety edge is immediately behind the front of the rubber profile. The separation of the contacts is not caused by a bending of the Contact Chain, but by a transformation of external radial forces into axial forces. Even with very low switching forces and after a very short actuating travel, actuation will lead to a turn-off function.
Basically, every application is different. Moving masses and speeds vary in every application. For this reason, we offer a wide range of safety edges having different overtravels/heights. Since the environmental and mounting conditions may also vary in every application, we kindly ask you to inform us precisely about your specific application. We will then check whether it is reasonable and/or feasible to design a special solution. Based on our experiences, we have developed a range of standard profiles that can be used for many applications. The advantage of these standard profiles is that they have been successfully tested in many practical cases.
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