HSV - Valve Interlock Systems

Valves play an important role in many industrial production lines and energy networks. Valves perform essential functions regarding safety and process control systems. The correct setting and operation of valves is crucial for ensuring the operational safety of entire installations.
Haake HSV valve interlock systems provide a fail-safe system for the controlled opening and closing of valves. They are used whenever a specific opening and closing sequence for several valves is involved for the purpose of accident prevention, protection of materials, or guaranteeing process safety. Chains and padlocks do not provide adequate protection against operational error, vandalism or theft. A simple and safe-to-use interlock system guarantees the best possible protection against physical injury and/or damage to assets or the environment.

High-quality products Made in Germany

Valve interlocks from Haake Technik are made of stainless steel and offer the highest level of safety and convenience in operation. The interlocks can be fitted to all types of valves: lever operated ball, plug and butterfly valves, gate and globe valves, shut-off and slide valves, and gear box operated valves. All possible sizes and dimensions can be accommodated by using standard and customer-specific adaptors. The modular system allows for a number of variations. Useful accessories, including a key exchange unit or a key cabinet, supplement the system. It is also possible to combine the valve interlocks with the Haake Technik range door interlocks. Anti-tamper locks protect against vandalism and theft.