microsonic crm+600/DD/TC/E


Short description:
crm+600/DD/TC/E is a chemical resistant stainless steel ultrasonic sensor with LED-display in M30 housing with 2 x PNP switching output and a range of 600 - 8.000 mm
Article nr.: 03-00197
Brand: microsonic
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Type: Ultrasonic sensor
Housing: M30
Output: 2 x PNP
Operating range: 600-6.000 mm
Detection Range: 600-8.000 mm
Connection: 5-pin M12-connector
Supply voltage: 9 - 30 Vdc
Sealing class: IP67
Settings: Via display, COM input & LinkControl
Material: Stainless steel
Response time: 240 ms
Switching frequency: 3 Hz