Wouter van Bergen
Wouter van Bergen

Application Specialist

In 2016 I started at Sensor Partners as Application Specialist. Together with customers I work at technical solutions for their challenges, whether those are existing or newly designed applications.

It is a challenge to have a fresh look at the application at the start of a new project. It is especially satisfying when I am able to surprise the customer with a sensor solution they initially hadn’t thought of!

In my spare time I also don’t shy away from a technical challenge, because I love to be in my garage wrenching on my race car.

Tim Beernink

Marketing - Application Specialist

I like to share my knowledge and experience in the field of industrial automation and sensors with as much people as possible. I like efficiency and get down to brass tacks. I combine my affinity with technology with my commercial background in all marketing and sales related activities.

Sandra Vandamme administratie medewerker Sensor Partners
Sandra Vandamme

Office Manager BE

Since 2014, I work as an Office Manager at Sensor Partners. A job I love due to the fact that I can bring my dynamic into my work because of the versatility of it.

Combining professionalism and humanity is my motto. Giving customers a service that they deserve in a humane way, so they will form a satisfied feeling after every contact with Sensor Partners. And yes, a laughter now and then is welcome!

Medewerker marketing Rosa Meertens
Rosa Meertens


As marketer for Sensor Partners my job is full of variety. My daily job is producing and planning of content, managing social media channels and optimizing our website. I can put all my creativity into it and find all the challenge I need.

Next to my work I love spending time with theater and photography.

Roeland van Meijl

Business Development

It is a beautiful thing to work in a team with so much knowledge and skill every day.
It gets even better when we put this to good use to solve our customers challenges. This paves the way for the trust you need for a long and durable cooperation.
This to me is very valuable.

This is also very valuable to me in my private life. Therefor I love to spend as much time as I can with friends and family.

Patrick Thora
Patrick Thora

Business Development BE

Menno Reijnders

Business Development

Solving sensor-related issues together with clients, that is my passion! Typical for my approach: creative, solution-oriented and proactive.

That’s who I am in my spare time as well. That is why you will find me twice a week on the squash court. To let of some steam I take care of my three beautiful children. They keep me on my toes and teach me new ‘cool’ stuff every day.

Mariska van den Bosch


As administrative employee no day is the same for me. Because of the many different tasks, such as orderprocessing, customer contact and purchase there is enough to do and every day is a new challenge.

My motivation is finding the best solutions for customers and colleagues.

Margreet Wassink, employee Sensor Partners
Margreet Wassink

Office Assistant

Working very securely every day again is what I love. As an office assistant I take care of packing and labeling sensors for Sensor Partners. In addition to labeling the products I help with a variety of daily tasks at the office as well. Herein, I like the fact that I can help a lot within the team.

Business Development Marc Giezenberg
Marc Giezenberg

Business Development

I’ve been a sensor specialist at Sensor Partners for more than 12.5 years now but still find myself at a new challenge every day.
And that is exactly the thing that excites my in my daily job, I strive to offer both existing and new customers a satisfying solution.

In my free time you can find me in the gym, or in the winter on the ski slopes. I also know how to enjoy the Burgundian lifestyle.

Joost Molenschot

Web Development

My job at the Sensor Groep is development and improvement (visually, technically and SEO-wise) of the various websites within the group, this includes the Sensor Partners website. I am an allround (online) handyman.

In my free time I like to drink a beer with friends, play hockey and enjoy my family.

Ibrahim Polat


My main focus is writing website content. Reading and writing about automation feeds my love and interest for technology, this way I learn something new every day.

I spend most of my free time reading, gaming and buying (useless) gadgets. Whatever time is left is spent on a day out with friends.