Photoelectric sensors with background suppression

Photoelectric sensors with background suppression work like diffuse proximity sensors, but have an additional feature to solely detect object within a predefined zone, from sensor to background. To make a photoelectric sensor with background suppression work well, it has to be adjusted right in front of the background. Through a rotary selector the background is defined, this way the sensor switches only to objects in between the background and itself.

The photoelectric sensors with background suppression from the SP2000 series of Telco Sensors stand out from the other options because of the familiar 50 x 50 x 17 mm build. The transmitter and receiver are mechanically separated in the housing which in turn prevents internal intereference. The photoelectric sensors are available in 10-30 Vdc and PNP/NPN output or in multivoltage in which the sensor can be supplied with power through 12-240 Vdc / 20 - 240 Vac with a relay output that is constantly at its disposal. The photoelectric sensors with a relay always have a fixed cable connection. Within the photoelectric sensors with PNP/NPN there are the options of a fixed cable or a rotatable 4-pin M12 connector. Besides, these sensors can also be provided with or without an on/off delay.