Diffuse proximity


Diffuse proximity photoelectric sensors can have various names in the market, such as diffuse photoelectric sensors, diffuse proximity switch or reflex sensor. The principle of the diffuse proximity photoelectric sensor is based on object reflection. The photoelectric sensor thus uses the reflected light of the object that is in front of the sensor. In the case of diffuse proximity photoelectric sensor, the transmitter and receiver are always in the same housing, so that the transmitted light is reflected in the receiver as a reflection.

Because object reflection is used, the maximum detection distance is always affected by the degree of reflectivity of the object. Keep this in mind! Our diffuse proximity photoelectric sensors are known for the robust housing and low sensitivity to pollution. The sensors are NO/NC adjustable. The sensitivity is adjustable via a potentiometer.

Telco Sensors SM8000 series

Telco Sensors SM8000 series

- M18 diffuse proximity
- Adjustable detection range between 0 - 1 m.
- NO/NC adjustable
- IP67 sealing class
- PBT or stainless steel housing
- Fixed cable or 4-pin M12 connector
Telco Sensors SP2000 series

Telco Sensors SP2000 series

- Familiar 50x50 mm housing
- Rotatable 4-pin M12 connector or fixed cable
- Adjustable sensitivity
- Optional on/off delay
- Relay output or PNP/NPN
- Up to 5 m. detection range