Time of Flight distance sensors

The SPTF 3000 series is a high performance Time-of-Flight measurement sensor line housed in a compact rectangular housing, with a 5 m cable connection. The sensors are available with or without analogue output, and with either two NPN or two PNP transistor outputs. The unit is calibrated using two teach-in push buttons and two rotary selectors, located on the top control panel. The teach-in function sets the interval of the measurement range: distance point that corresponds to 0V/4mA and distance point that corresponds to 10V/20mA. The teach-in is also used to set the distance points at which each of the digital output switches. The two digital outputs can be used to set a ‘high’ (near distance point) and a ‘low’ alarm (far distance point). The outputs can also be configured to indicate whether an object is inside or outside a set range interval. The control input enables the teach-in calibration to be set remotely. The sensitivity and response time of the sensor is selected via a 3-position rotary mode selector. The current output, 4-20 mA, or voltage output, 0-10 V, is selectable by a rotary selector. The range is 6 m against an A4 white paper target and up to max. 15m against 1 m2 or larger, white target.

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