Polarized retro reflective sensors

With retro-reflective photoelectric sensors, or reflector photoelectric sensors, the transmitter and receiver are in a single housing, just as with diffuse proximity photoelectric sensors. However, the sensor always looks at a reflector which is placed opposite the sensor. The output of the sensor becomes active as soon as an object moves inbetween the sensor and the reflector. Unlike with normal reflective sensors, polarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensors use special polarized filters so that the receiver accepts only light reflected by the reflector and not by another reflective object, such as, for example, a metallic paint of a car. Thus, it is possible to detect translucent and reflective objects as well.

Telco Sensors SM8000 series

Telco Sensors SM8000 series

- Range up to 3 meter
- M18 housing
- PBT or stainless steel housing
- M8, M12 connector or fixed cable
- Sensitivity adjustment
- PNP NO or NC selectable
Telco Sensors SP2000 series

Telco Sensors SP2000 series

- Detection range up to 10 meter
- Familiar 50x50 mm housing
- 10-30Vdc or Multivoltage power supply 12-240 Vdc/Vac
- PNP/NPN or relay outpout (3A)
- On/off delay
- Rotatable M12 connector or fixed cable
- Polarization filter