LAM 301.102

LAM 301.102 is an industrial laser distance sensor with RS232 and Profibus interface and a range of up to 3000 meters on a target board and 300 meters natural surfaces.

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The LAM 301.102 is an industrial laser distance meter suited for robust distance measurements over great distances. Up to 3000 meters on a reflector and up to 300 meter on natural surfaces, with a measuring frequency of up to 2000 per second. The measurements are possible via a Profibus-DP interface.

There is a variety of measuring options such as:

  • Single measurement after receiving a trigger signal through the digital input
  • Single measurement after receiving trigger signal via Profibus-DP
  • Continuous measuring on fixed measuring speed (up to 2000 per second)
  • Constant measurement with variable measuring times (robust measurements on varying surfaces)

The two digital outputs make it possible, for example, to indicate whether an object is within a certain range of in a certain location. Sending out a start and end position is also possible through these two switching outputs.

The LAM301.102 is suited for use in combination with Profibus-DP.

The laser class 1 assures that the laser sensor is safe in use.

Additional information


Laser sensor


Time of Flight


LAM 300

Detection range

3000 m.

Sealing class



12-pin M16-connector


2 x PNP (NO+NC), 4 – 20 mA

Power supply

10 – 30 Vdc

Switching frequency

2 kHz




Laser class



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