Hotron Kabuto is a hybrid sensor for the presence, movement and direction detection of people and objects at industrial doors.

The wide range of sensors from Sensor Partners has an exclusive selection of detection and security systems that are specifically designed for applications within access technology. The sensors are used in elevators, gates, fences, parking garages, industrial doors, barriers and escalators. These sensors are characterized by industrial quality, reliability and are provided with the appropriate certifications for the application.

  • Elevators


    Here you will find solutions for safety and efficiency with regard to elevators and elevator doors. The light curtains allow access by people without closing doors in the meantime. Before entering the lift, the precisely adjustable door sensors ensure that doors only open and close when people are near.
  • Poorten & Hekwerken

    Gates & Fences

    For good, controlled access to gates and other fencing, vehicles must be correctly detected and monitored. Various options are available for this, if desired. Think of induction loops in the ground, light curtains on both sides of the door opening or a bumper that stops the door when it comes into contact with a vehicle.
  • Industrial doors

    Industrial doors

    Fast door activation by means of directional hybrid radar and infrared sensors up to a height of 7 meters. Underground induction loops with single or double coil for reliable detection of industrial vehicles. EN 12453 approved underrun protection by means of light grids or in outdoor application with IP69K photoelectric sensors. Especially for small to large industrial doors, overhead doors, high-speed doors, etc. Employees and goods are protected at all times in and around the door closing zone!
  • Escalators


    Activating an escalator automatically when pedestrians approach it? Find the sensors here that allow for activating escalators discreetly when persons get within a set proximity.
  • Revolving doors

    Revolving doors

    Our range of (non-contact) door buttons, detection sensors and safety edges for revolving door simplify access to buildings and protect the most vulnerable in society.
  • Barriers


    Barriers are used to let in or keep out vehicles. In order to do that, vehicles must be detected. This way, vehicles can reliably enter, but it is also possible to prevent damage from a barrier that closes too early. Underground induction coil loops, ultrasonic distance sensors and bumper guards are among the possibilities of solutions.
  • Sliding doors

    Sliding doors

    Our sensors are designed for conveniently opening doors of sliding doors well-timed and at the same time maximising pedestrian safety.
  • Swing doors

    Swing doors

    For the automation of swing doors and detecting pedestrians, it is possibe to install door sensors on top of the door opening. For a more controlled solution there is the option of door switches that can be operated with a press of without contact at all. This makes swinging doors not only more efficient but also more accessible for wheelchairs, for example.
  • Hangar doors

    Hangar doors

    Big hangars and big doors: maintaining oversight and performing detections on time are crucial. Not only vehicles such as planes and cars but also persons can be detected in order for doors to be opened and closed correctly.

Sensors for the automated access technology

Our product range offer the following sensor solutions for applications in the automated access technology:

Ultrasonic sensor from microsonic.

Photoelectric sensors, radar sensors and light grids from Telco Sensors.

Door switches, safety devices and induction loops from Hotron.

Safety systems from Haake.