Compact and industrial power supplies with high power reserves and low heat output. Specifically to be used with particular series of sensors or for general use in a switch cabinet.

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Output power


174,28 210,88 incl. btw

DIN-rail 1-phase power supply 24V, 10A. 115 / 230V Auto-select input. Efficiency of 91.6%. Negligibly low input inrush current. Full power available between -25 and + 60°C.


93,71 113,39 incl. btw

DIN-rail 1 phase power supply, 24 Vdc, 3.3A. Wide input voltage AC 100-240V. Small dimensions, only 32 mm wide. NEC Class 2 Compliant, efficiency up to 89.8%. Full power from -25°C to + 60°C.

Sensor Tester ST-03

76,90 93,05 incl. btw

The Sensor Tester ST-03 is not only a power supply, but also reliably tests whether a sensor works. The Sensor Tester ST-03 works on two 9 Volt batteries.


35,00 42,35 incl. btw

AC adapter for ZD series with Texas plug


45,00 54,45 incl. btw

AC adapter 230Vac/5Vdc with M12 connector for ZM12 and ZM18 series.