Soundpipes mechanically narrow the ultrasonic sound cones of the ultrasonic sensors of Microsonic. This allows the sensor to measure and detect in narrow openings or shafts.

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SoundPipe M18


The SoundPipe M18 is suitable as a sound pipe for the pico+15 and pico+25 sensors. With the SoundPipe M18 you narrow the sound cone in critical applications where narrow openings must be detected.

SoundPipe sks1


SoundPipe sks1 narrows the sound cone of the sks ultrasonic sensor, enabling detection and measurements in boreholes or openings with a small diameter.

Soundpipe zws-


With sound pipes you narrow the ultrasonic sound cones of the microsonic ultrasonic sensors “mechanically”. This allows the user to have the sensors detect or measure through narrow openings or shafts.