Color detection

Sensor Partners supplies sensors for inline detection and measurement of color, contrast, gloss and structure of products and surfaces. By using advanced techniques, integrated light sources and special optics and filters, a stable measurement environment is created to obtain the most accurate measurement possible. Our color sensors measure “True Color”, as how humans interpret the color. The gloss and sctructure sensors measure completely color-independent and therefore do not influence the structure- and gloss measurement by color changes in the object. All sensors have been developed to fully integrate into the production process. Therefore, customers can quickly anticipate on changes in the process. 100% control over your product and process, instead of random sampling in a static laboratory setups.

  • Product marking

    Product marking

    With sensor solution for product marking or product tracking it is possible to provide (recycled) products with an identity (code). Not only can products be separated by colour or raw material, but also by earlier use. With the TagTec technology this will be possible. The TagTec STAR readers from Sensor Instruments are suited for...
  • Color


    SPECTRO color sensors from Sensor Instruments measure the color of the surface of an object and compare this with a configurable and predefined reference value. Within a configurable tolerance the color is recognized and a digital output is activated. The SPECTRO sensors are available with a variety of optical lenses and integrated light sources. The choice is made based on the application and the material, color and structure that has to be detected.
  • Structure


    The sensors of the COAST Series (COlor And STructure) are hybrid sensors that comprises two sensors that only are synchronised by the LED ring light but otherwise operate independently of each other. Both sensors can be connected to a PLC or to a PC. One of the two sensors (Color sensor) provides information about the color and gloss of the product. The other sensor (Structure sensor checks the structure of the surface.
  • Contrast


    In optical sensors, "contrast" means the difference in brightness between two objects. The value of the brightness can be expressed in grayscale. Our contrast sensors determine the gray value of the object over the entire color spectrum and are therefore color neutral. Contrast measurements can be performed on active objects such as light sources, as well as passive objects. In the latter case, the surface that has to be detected is illuminated with an integrated light source to create a stable measuring environment. Contrast measurements can be performed on active objects (such as light sources) as well as passive objects.
  • Gloss


    The inline gloss sensors from Sensor Instruments work according to the same measurement standards as the portable gloss inspection devices. The robustness required for inline use, the non-contact and external light-insensitive measurement and the output of the corresponding signals (analog and digital) that provide information about the gloss level are taken into account. Furthermore, with an inline gloss measurement, it must be taken into account that measurements must be made at several object positions at the same time.