Z-Laser positioneringslasers laser sensor

The laser product group includes laser sensors to measure short or long distances to objects, determine diameters, measure displacements, count objects at very high speed, or position materials or objects. Want to learn more about the different laser sensors? Read the article:The different types of laser sensors“.

In that article, the distance lasers, displacement lasers, laser projectors, laser light grids, photoelectric laser sensors, positioning lasers and the edge detection sensors are described in terms of operation and usability in various applications.

The advantage of sensors from the laser product category is that they are characterized by a high precision, large measuring range and high speed. We offer a wide range of different laser sensors that bring these benefits to the desired application. In addition, there is a choice in important specifications such as the laser class, type of housing, connection, supported interfaces and types of outputs. Due to this diversity, there are various options for adapting our solutions to your application.

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  • Positioning lasers

    Positioning lasers

    Positioning lasers are a visual aid for the positioning of products in production processes. Think of processes such as aligning a conveyor belt, the positioning of pieces of fabric in the textile industry and projecting saw lines in the wood industry. Sensor Partners supplies Z-Laser projection lasers. A comprehensive package of industrial positioning lasers produced in Germany. Z-Laser's lasers can be divided into…
  • Distance lasers

    Distance lasers

    We have a wide and deep range of distance lasers, so that every challenge can be overcome. The laser distance sensors from Sensor Partners have been developed to measure distances in a consistent way and without contact in industrial environments. Each series offers a different quality that comes into its own in the applications for which it is suitable. The most important is the…
  • Displacement sensors

    Displacement sensors

    Verplaatsingslasers, ook wel displacement-meetsensoren, werken op basis van het triangulatie principe. Dit principe leent zich uitstekend voor het meten van korte, maar ook langere afstandsfluctuaties. De verplaatsingslasers zijn ideaal voor diktemetingen, profielmetingen en positioneringsdoeleinden.
  • Laser photoelectric sensors

    Laser photoelectric sensors

    Photoelectric laser sensors are used to detect (small) products or objects in fast applications. The sensors distinguish themselves by their high switching frequency of up to 300 kHz. Photoelectric laser sensors are available in separate transmitter/receiver, as a diffuse proximity sensor with background suppression or as a sensor in combination with a reflector.
  • Laser projectors

    Laser projectors

    Laser projectors from Z-Laser, just like positioning lasers, are a visual aid and are optimized for projecting onto 3D objects. The high repetition rate of 50 Hz of the laser projectors ensure a stable and precise projection.
  • Laser edge detection sensors

    Laser edge detection sensors

    The edge detection sensors from the RED series from Sensor Instruments are specially designed for the inline detection and counting of one side of a product or object. For example during the production and processing of newspapers, magazines, loose sheets of paper, cardboard, flow packs, plate material, welds and other flat products, which often (partly) overlap each other in the production process. The RED edge detection sensors…
  • Laser light curtains

    Laser light curtains

    Laser curtains are digital micrometers that are used for accurate diameter determination, positioning or web edge control with a resolution from 2 µm. The transmitter projects laser light onto a line sensor. By interrupting (part of) this light, the position of the object can be determined very accurately. Our laser curtains are available in fork housing or separate transmitter/receiver with a curtain height of…