LAM laser distance sensors

We offer a wide and deep range of distance lasers, so every challenge can be solved. laser distance sensors are designed to measure distances consistently in industrial environments.

Each series of distance lasers has unique distinguishing features. The most important thing is the measuring range; these vary from 5 meter up to 3000 meter. In addition to this there are also special ATEXconform distance lasers which can be used for distance measurements in critical application with explosion danger. This is possible because of a special ATEX-housing with which the distance sensor is equipped.

To be sure that the lasers connect to the application, there is the possibility to choose from various connections (M12 and M16) with a different number of pins. Supporting interfaces are: RS232, RS422, SSI and Profibus.

What all distance sensors below have in common are the robustness, high quality and versatile use!


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LASE series

The LASE 1000D series consists of distance lasers with the choice of a variety on a reflector or without one. Respectively they cover measuring distances of 800 and 110 meters. The sensors support a great number of industrial interfaces which makes these easy to implement in existing and new systems. The sensors can not only measure distances but also positions and levels with very high accuracy and speed (20 kHz!).

The LAM 5 series

The LAM 5 series includes 5 types of laser distance sensors. Four models (LAM 5.11, 5.12, 5.13 and 5.14) have a range of 5 meters on natural surfaces and thus work without the use of a reflector. They are equipped with both digital and analog outputs. The LAM 5.21 has been specially developed for use on overhead cranes and has special functions for “Anti collision” and “Tandem mode” and has a range of 70 meters on a reflector. overhead cranes and have special functions for "Anti Collision" and "Tandem mode" and has a range of 70 meters on a reflector.

The LAM 50 series

LAM 5x.xx sensors have proven themselves in a wide range of industrial applications. They can be used to measure distances as accurately as +/- 3 millimeters, determine positions, perform level measurements and register movements. Measurements are up to 150 m. on a reflector and 30 m. on natural surfaces and are performed accurately, quickly and without contact by means of phase shifting. Equipped with interface options such as Profibus DP, SSI, RS232 or RS422 together with adjustable analog outputs. Optional heating makes these sensors operational in cold environments, both indoors and outdoors.

The LAM 70 series

The new LAM 70.101 laser distance sensors deliver unique measuring performance, designed in a very compact housing. These specifications will ensure that many new applications are possible within industrial automation.