Laser light grid from Sensor Partners

Laser light curtains are digital micrometers that can be used for diameter measurements, positioning and web edge control with a resolution down to 2 µm. The position of the object can be determined very accurately by interrupting (a part of) this light. Our laser curtains are available in fork housing or separate transmitter/receiver with a curtain height of up to 100 mm. The models with a separate transmitter and receiver can be placed a maximum of 2 meters apart.



The laser curtains from the L-LAS-TB-CL series are digital micrometers with a separate transmitter/receiver that are used for diameter measurement, positioning or web edge control with a resolution down to 4 µm. Due to the separate transmitter/receiver, it can also be used in applications where a greater distance has to be bridged. Transmitter and receiver can be positioned up to 2 meters apart.