Photoelectric diffuse proximity sensors can have various names in the market, such as diffuse photoelectric sensors, diffuse proximity switch or reflex sensor. The principle of the diffuse proximity sensor relies on object reflection. The photoelectric sensor thus makes use of the reflected light of the object that is placed in front of the sensor.

Our assortment of diffuse proximity sensors is carefully composed of the most capable and versatile sensors for the best connection to the most challenging applications. For example the execution of detections at a supply conveyor in a sorting machine for waste disposal.The sensors have a high tolerance for dirt and moist thanks to the high protection degrees; from IP65 to IP69K!

Aligning the photoelectric sensors in the application and the following of the detection with the bare eye are also possible with the models which are equipped with a visible red light instead of (invisible) infrared light.

Sender and receiver of this photoelectric sensor is always found in the same housing, so that the emitted light is rebounded as a reflection in the receiver.


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Because object reflection is used, the maximum detection range is always a little dependent on the reflectivity of the object. Keep this in mind! Our diffuse proximity photoelectric sensors are known for their robust housing and high insusceptibility for dirt. The sensors are NO/NC adjustable. The sensitivity can be adjusted through a potentiometer. Read more about how a diffuse proximity sensor works here.