Telco Sensors transmitter and receiver photoelectric sensors

Photoelectric sensors with a single transmitter and single receiver are placed in opposite to each other. The transmitter sends an infrared beam to the receiver. When an object interrupts the light beam, the output is activated. A transmitter/receiver photoelectric sensor is a very reliable way of detecting and the high excess gain of our sensors are suited for extremely polluted environments. Our thru beam sensors can reach up to 70 meters!


A transmitter/receiver photoelectric sensor is a very reliable way of detecting and the high excess gain makes them particularly suitable for extremely polluted environments. Think of applications in waste and environmental technology. Our transmitter/receiver photoelectric sensors can be up to 70 meters apart! Read more about the operation of photoelectric sensors here. The following series of Telco Sensors can be found in our assortment: SM3000 series, SM6000 series, SM8000 series, SM9000 series and the SP2000 series.

The SM3000 series

The Telco Sensors SM3000 photoelectric sensors are a series of transmitter/receiver photoelectric sensors with a range of 6 or 15 meters and available in various housings, including Ø10, Ø12.7 snap, M12x1 and miniature cube housings in the materials plastic or brass. In addition, there is the possibility to choose between versions with a fixed cable or a connector. The sensitivity of the sensors is adjustable through control input and are equipped with power and output indication. In addition to the standard versions, we also supply a TÜV certified version (AOPD) for industrial doors and fencing EN12978. The series has been developed for compactness without compromising on robustness of the housing. This makes the photoelectric sensors disreetly installable in different industrial applications, where for example dirt buildup or exposure to water occurs. The SM3000 series is widely used in logistics processes, conveyor belts and packaging machines, but also in access technology on gates, fencing and lifts.

The SM6000 series

Telco Sensors' SM6000 series differs in speed compared to the SM3000 series. The version with a range of 2 meters has a switching frequency of 1000 Hz and a response time of 0.5 ms. The version with a range of 6 meters has a switching frequency of 100 Hz. The transmitters (SMT) from this series can be combined with both the 2 meter and the 6 meter variant of the receiver (SMR).

The SM7000 series

The 7000 series photoelectric sensors consists of multiple versions such as a transmitter and receiver but also diffuse proximity. This serie characterises itself with a 4-wire design which allows ambivalent switching between NPN- and PNP-switching outputs. This means that the switching output can be configured as NO (Normally Open) as well as NC (Normally Closed).

The SM9000 series

The Telco Sensors SM8000 is a series of transmitter/receiver photoelectric sensors with an adjustable range of up to 20 meters. The plastic or stainless steel M18 housing is equipped with a potentiometer for the sensitivity setting as well as setting a PNP NO or NC output. In addition, you can choose between a 5-meter fixed cable or a 4-pin M12 connector.

The SM9000 series

The Telco Sensors SM9000 series is a unique series of transmitter/receiver photoelectric sensors that distinguish themselves with their extreme power. This makes the photoelectric sensor suited for applications in which they are exposed to a lot of dirt, water and light or where large distances are bridged, but also for applications with a lot of dust, fog, smoke or mist. The photoelectric sensors have an M18 threaded housing and IP69K sealing degree. Cleaning the sensors under high pressure is therefore no problem. The SM9000 series is equipped with a PNP NO/NC output or a solid-state relay. In addition, the series is also available with ATEX certification for Zone 2 and 22.

The SP2000 series

The SP2000 photoelectric sensors from Telco Sensors in transmitter/receiver configuration have a range of 45 meters and use the well-known 50 x 50 mm housing. The photoelectric transmitter and receiver combination has a relay output and 12-240 Vac/dc supply voltage as standard. The sensitivity and on/off delay are adjustable via potentiometers.