capacitieve sensoren

Capacitive sensors are industrial sensors suitable for level detection of liquids such as water and fuels in tanks or solid materials such as wood or granulate. This makes the sensors very useful in various applications and industries.

Due to the way this sensor works, with the help of a capacitive field, the detections of products and full-empty notifications are possible without making contact with the product or the substance. This includes the detection of a corrosive liquid such as phosphoric acid in a tanker. This can be detected and monitored from outside the tank. In this way, the sensor is not damaged and it is possible to monitor the fill level.

The sensor can be adjusted via a potentiometer and this ensures that the detection can be done. We offer a choice between capacitive proximity switches with different measuring ranges, the most common switching outputs and connections that are housed in a variety of housings. Have you already decided on your choice or would you like advice for your application? Please, contact one of our experts!


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