i-Tec Cube infrarood temperatuursensor

Pyrometers, also known as infrared temperature sensors, are sensors to determine the temperature of a surface without contact. The pyrometers are suitable for many different applications in the food industry, packaging industry and automotive industry.

Our product range consist of the most special series of temperature sensors which all excel in the most challenging environmental conditions, such as ambient temperatures surrounding a metal oven where most sensors fail. Another specialty of the series are the different material surfaces which can be measured: From glossing metal to transparant glass.

The sensors are developed to integrate in existing or new production processes, so that the temperatures of products or processes can be measured 24/7/365. So there are pyrometers with RS485 Modbus which connect to most industrial systems.

The measurement principle is based on Wien's Shifting Law. The operation is based on the processing of received infrared radiation (heat) coming from objects or surfaces. The measured temperature is sent via an analog output in addition to the possibility to configure a relay and/or alarm output.

Finally, a part of the series can be delivered with Ex-certification for environments with explosion danger (ATEX). Ask for the possibilities.