microsonic is a big player in ultrasonic sensors for industrial automation. Since the founding of microsonic, more than 25 years ago, Sensor Partners has been the exclusive distributor of the product range for the Benelux. The expanding product package proves the innovative strength of microsonic. The highest possible product quality is also a priority here.

Micro Detectors is an Italian developer and manufacturer of a wide range of photoelectric sensors, ultrasonic sensors, proximity switches, etc. The technology, quality and performance of these sensors, resulting from a long tradition in this sector, is emphasized by a service level based on speed and flexibility. The M.D. sensors are known for how robust and durable they are, even in poor conditions.

Ultrasonic sensors work on ultrasonic sound and are therefore not sensitive to colour or transparency. As a knowledge partner Sensor Partners, advises and supports its customers in the use of photoelectric sensors, and we, together with the customer, realize the most challenging applications every year. We are also at your service for special designs and custom-made adjustments, so get in contact through e-mail or phone.

  • Edge guiding sensors

    Edge guiding sensors

    The bks and bks + trackside control sensors from microsonic are designed in a fork housing. The transmitter and receiver are placed opposite each other with these sensors. The material moving between the fork attenuates part of the emitted sound that reaches the receiver. This allows the position between the fork to be determined with great accuracy.
  • Distance sensors

    Distance sensors

    Ultrasonic distance sensors from microsonic work on the basis of a travel time measurement of sound. The sound is transmitted, reflected and finally processed after receiving. They can be used in an infinite number of industrial applications due to the ultrasonic operating principle. Examples of applications for remote sensors with a switching output are detection of products on conveyor belts, full and/or empty notification of tanks, vibrating troughs or containers and remote monitoring on autonomous…
  • Double sheet sensors

    Double sheet sensors

    Double sheet detection is for detecting two or more sheets or sheets that (partially) overlap. This is used in applications such as paper printing machines, folding machines, in the production of silicon wafers and the processing of labels.
  • Transmitter + receiver

    Transmitter + receiver

    Ultrasonic sensors with separate transmitter and receiver are placed directly opposite of each other. In this setup, all shapes of objects can be detected with a switching frequency up to 500 Hz. The ultrasonic transmitter/receiver sensors are available in an M18 or a miniature cube housing. These sensors are ideally suited in applications where normal ultrasonic sensors are not fast enough and where optical sensors are not suitable due to the shape or transparency of the material that has to be detected. Think of applıcatıons such as detecting or counting bottles or plastic packaging on a conveyor belt.
  • Software


    LinkControl is software for microsonic ultrasonic sensors. With the software, most microsonic sensors can be set-up and read out via the PC. The software is supplied in a suitcase with software, manual and connection accessories.
  • Sticker- & seal sensors

    Sticker- & seal sensors

    The esf- and esp- series from microsonic are especially designed for rapid and accurate recognition and detection of transparent labels or seams/seals of foils. These sensors are insusceptible to color or transparency because of the use of ultrasonic sounds instead of light. It enables the reliable use with full-color printed labels and materials with colorful patterns...

Ultrasonic sensors from microsonic

microsonic is the market leader and expert in the field of ultrasonic sensors. That is why microsonic ultrasonic sensors are known for their high quality and reliability. Ultrasonic sensors are suitable for measuring, detecting, web edge control and double sheet and label detection. In addition, almost all microsonic sensors work with the easy-to-use LinkControl software, with which you can easily set, parameterize and log the sensors in a clear view.

What can an ultrasonic sensor help me with?

Ultrasonic sensors measure based on (ultrasonic) sound. As a result, these sensors measure independently of color or shape. This makes liquids, transparent or small objects no problem for an ultrasonic sensor. A few concrete examples of applications of these sensors are: level measurements in the water and waste processing sector, track edge control of thin films in the packaging industry, but also web edge control in the food industry. Due to the wide range of microsonic ultrasonic sensors, there are many applications and industries where an ultrasonic sensor can be used.