Ultrasonic distance sensors from microsonic work using a maturity measurement of sound. The sound is emitted, reflected and processed after receival. They are deployed in infinite industrial applications with the ultrasonic working principle.

Examples of applications for distance sensors with a switching output are detection of products on conveyors, full- and/or empty notification of tanks, vibrating chutes or containers and distance guarding of autonomous vehicles.

Applications with analog output are level measurements in tanks and silos of both transparant liquids as for bulk goods, guarding of the diameter of rolls of paper, foil or steel or the measuring of a distance to an object.

For every challenging application is an ultrasonic sensor that fits for performing a measurement. Sensor Partners delivers ultrasonic sensors with an ATEX certificate to use in an environment with explosion danger. Furthermore there are special chemical- and/or pressure resistant ultrasonic sensor for the food-processing industry where is worked with acids or harsh cleaning agents.


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