esf series for sticker and seal seam detection

The microsonic esf- and esp- series have been specially developed for the fast and accurate recognition and detection of transparent labels or seams/seals of films. Because the sensors use ultrasonic sound instead of light, they are insusceptible to color or transparency. This also makes the sensors insusceptible to full-color printed stickers and materials with colorful patterns and prints. Available as fork sensors or separate transmitter/receiver.

The esf- sensors can be configured for the detection of materials of different thickness.


How a sticker or seal detection sensor works

The sensor transmits ultrasonic sound pulses against the backing material of the label. The sound pulses cause the backing material to vibrate, so that the receiver receives a strongly attenuated sound wave. The backing material provides a different signal level than the label or splice/seal. This signal difference is analyzed by the sensor. The difference between the backing material and the label or seal can be very small.