Sensor Partners i-Tec FibreMini

i-Tec FibreMini

Short description:
The i-Tec FibreMini is an industrial pyrometer with a fibre optic sensing head and a separate electronics module with touch screen interface. This pyrometer is ideal for target materials including steel, iron and carbon.
Brand: Sensor Partners

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High-temperature pyrometer with fibre optics sensing head. Sensing head may be used in ambient temperatures up to 200°C. Short wavelength for improved accuracy when measuring metals and reflective surfaces. Touch screen interface for indication, graphing, configuration and data logging to MicroUSD card. 4-20 mA or RS485 Modbus output. Two alarm relays on all models. For sensors with Modbus output, the address is set to 1 as standard. For reflective metals, high temperature targets and viewing through glass.