Sensor Instruments RED-110


Short description:
The RED-110 copy counter is designed for detecting and counting edges. The sensor has a working distance of 110 mm. Delivered including software.
Brand: Sensor Instruments
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The RED-110 sensors can be used as an edge detector or a laser copy counter. Objects can be detected upward from a height difference of 0.05mm. The RED sensors is known for features like a great working range, a large working distance and a high measuring frequency up to 100kHz. This sensor can be applied in setups that count newspapers, sheets of paper, card, metal panels, wires, etc. Several functions such as contamination compensation, the compensation of environmental light and the automatic adjustment of the laser in variable measurement surfaces, ensure a solid measurement.


Range: 90 to 130 mm
Working distance: 110 mm
Measuring frequency: 85 kHz
Interface: RS232
Output: analog: 1x 0-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA or digital: 2 x
Connection: 2 x
Sealing class: IP54
Power supply: 24Vdc +/- 10%