Sensor Instruments SPECTRO-3-POL-SL


Short description:
SPECTRO-3-POL-SL is a compact color sensor with integrated bright focussed light source with polarization filter and 14 mm measuring spot at 50 mm distance.
Article nr.: SPECTRO-3-POL-SL
Brand: Sensor Instruments
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The SPECTRO SL series is the most compact color sensor of the SPECTRO-series. It is also the most easy one to use. The sensor has two digital outputs, which can receive detection up to three colors. The reference colors can easily be taught through the teach button on the housing. It is also possible to use the included software as a teach-in method. The software can not only be used to change the flexibility of the parameter sensitivity, but also for functions like brightness correction, types of evolutionary algorithm, or to install the averaging filter.